Short Mat Players Tour

The Short Mat Players Tour started in 2011. I came on board in 2012 to look after the online presence of the brand. Since then the website has gone from strength-to-strength with many new innovations that has pushed the sport of short mat bowls forward.

Online Entry

One of the first features I implemented was the ability for players to enter online. While a common feature in other sports, short mat bowls was lagging behind. Giving players peace of mind that they had their place guaranteed after they had paid the entry fee and receiving a confirmation email.

Player Profiles

Using the Buddypress plugin I managed to integrate a profile feature for all players that use the online entry system. This allows players to upload a profile picture as well as providing information about themselves such as age, club & achievements.

Live Feed

The 'Live Feed' was introduced in 2013. This provided supporters at home thee chance to keep up with the tournaments 'as they happened' without having to constantly refresh a page or search facebook for the latest updates.

Live Scores

I introduced a live scoring system to run alongside the live feed to feature live end-by-end scoring of that matches that are deemed to be the showcase matches.


Using data exported from our tournament software I created a site dedicated to statistics for all the players that have played in the Short Mat Players Tour events. This includes each player's record at each event, as well as head-to-head stats against all the other players and also their ranking history. This site was coded from scratch using PHP & MySQL.


Hello, I'm Stephen Gale and I have a passion for designing and developing brilliant websites.

I specialise in HTML, CSS & jQuery front end development as well as UI & UX design. I have also had over 10 years industry experience and have worked on many different projects over that period, from egaming to ecommerce and start-ups to established corporate companies.

I want to get involved with projects that I can be proud of and to join an amazing team where I can be pushed to improve my skills as well as adding valuable expertise to that team. if you're interested in helping me make this happen, .

I currently live in Douglas on the Isle of Man with my beautiful wife and amazing daughter. As well as specialising in web design and development I also have a long association with short mat bowls on the Island along with an unhealthy obsession with Fulham Football Club.